Tactical Safety Solutions believes in being a positive and proactive contributor to your company’s overall safety. We provide professional standards that allow your organization to safely operate in confined spaces and at heights.

We are proactive (not reactive) on-site, continuously completing safety walks, mitigating hazards, auditing confined spaces and creating rescue plans.


Our on-site safety professionals take charge. We don’t just sit in our trucks or simply stand by. Each day, our team organizes morning huddles, stretches and task specific safety plans to keep your team on-track and safe. We’ll learn your plant zones, units and terminology, and our team will conduct hazard recognition and safety walks electronically to ensure the protection of your employees and your company.

We are trained in OSHA standards, confined space rescue, high angle rescue, and advanced first aid/CPR. We also exceed standards of customer service and will easily adapt to be a part of your company safety team.

We continue to update and modify our training programs based on the current needs of our clients. Not only is it important to be versed in OSHA rules and regulations, but also in permits and requirements for each special case. All team members are trained in confined space and high angle rescues as well as construction site activities, such as excavation and trenching, scaffolds, heavy equipment and cranes, facility maintenance, and more.



The Tactical Safety Solutions stand-by rescue teams know that every second counts. We have completed all rescues in 30 minutes or less, and all patients were packaged and rescued safely. Our rescue personnel are highly trained, have completed four times the required number of drills annually, and continually receive training. Whether someone on your team is in need of a confined space rescue or a high angle rescue, you can count on us.


No one rescue situation is alike, and we are prepared to handle any situation thrown at us. In many of our rescues, supplied breathing air systems are required. Most workers don’t realize that their oxygen is being depleted until it is too late. When that happens, they begin to feel panic, feel confused, and in some cases, euphoric. Our SCBAs and supplied breathing air systems allow us to safely and effectively provide you with breathing air in hazardous atmospheres.


At Tactical Safety Solutions, we perform firefighting operations, prioritizing life safety and property protection, regardless of the incident. Our facility fire brigade personnel provide daily, monthly, and annual inspections on fire safety equipment, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, apparatus, and fire systems throughout your facility. We also maintain the responsibility of having all fire equipment in a state of operations readiness. To live up to our superior standards, we are dedicated to the continuous training in Fire Protection and Fire Prevention, including board certifications.


The Medical First Responders at Tactical Safety Solutions are trained in advanced First Aid, CPR, AEDs and provide care in medical emergencies. We also provide full medical equipment and supplies, so we’re equipped for anything that comes our way.


Our on-site safety professionals are trained to intervene at the source, provide safety audits, and have behavioral-based interactions with employees. Each month, we will also review safety and technical rescue topics and provide quizzes, so your team stays on top of safety standards.


Our team’s certifications include:

  • Construction Health & Safety Technician (CHST)
  • Occupational Hygiene & Safety Technician (OHST)
  • OSHA 10, 30, 510 & 500
  • Incipient Industrial Firefighting
  • Advanced Exterior Industrial Firefighting
  • Emergency First Responder / First Aid, CPR, AED
  • MSHA Part 46 & Part 48
  • Hazardous Waste Operations
  • Health & Safety Leadership
  • NCCER Field Safety
  • NCCER Safety Technology
  • NCCER Construction Site Safety Technician
  • NCCER Construction Site Safety Orientation
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • Confined Space Rescue Technician
  • Rope Rescue Technician

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