Employee Health and Fitness Month

May 15, 2019

It’s Employee Health and Fitness Month! At Tactical Safety Solutions, we take our physical fitness very seriously. Focusing on quality health is not just a good principle to live by, but it’s also one the cornerstone in our ability to act in the event of a workplace emergency. Because technical rescue is inherently dangerous and rescue technicians are frequently required to perform rigorous activities in adverse conditions, we pride ourselves in pushing our team beyond the standard, so we are able to complete all activities in the safest possible manner.

What Are The Benefits

There are many benefits to leading a healthy lifestyle, but these are just a few:

- It Reduces Our Injuries On The Job

- It Can Be A Matter Of A Successful or Failed Rescue (i.e. Life or Death)

- It Reduces Stress and Increases Overall Wellness

- It Leads To Other Healthy Choices Such As A Good Diet

How To Achieve This Goal

Setting a goal is only step one. It takes accountability and teamwork to make sure each employee is performing at their best. When starting from ground zero on your health and fitness journey, take these few steps to check in with yourself:

- Set short, medium, and long-term goals: It’s not enough to decide you’re going to run every day. Make a schedule that you can stick to and realize that it takes time to get in shape if you’ve been out of the fitness game for a while.

- Focus on where you want to be in 6 months and break it down into smaller, more tangible goals: Is there something in the future that you’re training for? In the past, our teams have signed up for group relay races months in advanced to help them train together in the months and weeks leading up to it.

- Stick with a regimen: Our employees like to look at our annual fitness challenges as a great way to confirm that they are meeting their goals. The annual fitness challenge is a timed set challenge that is easy to track progress. We always encourage our teams to beat their own times each year.

Tactical Fitness Challenge

Start timer with first pushup

1. 40 push-ups

2. 400m run

3. 50 sit-ups

4. 400m run

5. 5 pull-ups

6. 400m run

7. 50 weighted step-ups with 80lbs

8. 400m run

Stop timer when final 400m run is complete

When it’s time to perform a rescue is NOT the time to wonder if you’re in your best shape physically.

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